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Fine Gems Faceted - 120Carats Faceted Stunning Spinels Lot From Mogok Burma ,Christian Louboutin Crystal Fifi Strass 100 Suede Burma - Aurora Boreale IT 41,Christian Louboutin Louis Flat Suede Burma Swarovski Crystal sz US10.5/EU43.5,Red Purple Mushroom Elbaite Tourmaline Crystal Cluster #BOX12-08 Mogok Burma,Orange Topaz crystal Large - Excellent Condition - Burma - 621.8 grams,NATURAL UNHEATED 10.50 CT CERTIFIED BEAUTY GEM CRYSTAL MOGOK (BURMA) PERIDOT,Christian Louboutin Burma Strass Multicolor Crystal Mina Chain Clutch 3k,4.48ct Rare Transparent Gemmy Hibonite Crystal from Burma 11.5mm x 8mm,AAA Large Smoky Quartz Crystal, Burma 30 cm # 2428,Fine Mineral Crystals - 320Cts Spinels Crystals Lot From Mogok Burma,Christian Louboutin Daffodile Strass Crystal Plum Burma Platform Pumps Heels,Topaz - Huge Gem Crystal - Pandaw Village, Mogok (Burma) - 424 Grams,GEM BURMESE SPINEL CRYSTALS Parcel Red Pink Octohedrons Magok Burma FLUORESCENTS,32 rare Painite Specimens Mogok Burma Crystals 22.5ct parcel genuine for resale,38.71Cts. Rare Top Quality Natural Clear Terminated Phenakite Crystal from Burma,Huge and Beautiful! 18K Gold Rose Cut Diamond Burma Ruby Frosted Crystal Scarab,Gemmy Clear Topaz Single Crystal #BOX7-14 Mogok Burma,157.4 ct Large Pink Spinel Crystal Laytar Mine, Mogok Myanmar (Burma),TOURMALINES RUBELITE MYANMAR TUMBLED STONES WHOLESALE LOT BURMA - 86g #OTHER1603,23 rare Trapiche Ruby Crystals & Polished Slice Mogok Burma parcel RED natural,7.31 Carats - 7 Pieces Natural Spinel Crystal From Burma,Gorgeous Juicy Pink & Red Rubellite Tourmaline. 498ct.: Myanmar, Burma. ,598.50 Carats Natural "Excellent Near Perfect" Spinel Crystal From Burma,7.85 Cts Rarest Natural Jeremejevite Crystal from Burma + AIGS Certificae,Gem multicolor Pink Green Tourmaline crystal mineral specimen Burma CM673662,51.87 Carats Natural Red Spinel Crystal Specimen From Burma ,7.6ct gem Spinel Crystals facet rough Red Pink Octo Mgk Burma parcel FLUORESCENT,223.30 Cts. Natural Red Spinel Crystal From Burma,Rough & Cut Set of Pink Tourmaline Mushrooms, Momeik, Burma #39503,625.35 Carats Nice Double Stemmed Orange Brown Tourmaline Crystal From Burma,572CT NATURAL BLUE SAPPHIRE ROUGH RAW GEMSTONE LOOSE LOT UNTREATED MINERAL BURMA,PAINITE + CRYSTAL painite . Burma,Minerals *** WONDERFUL BIG RED SPINEL CRYSTAL Burma (Code: MSPI181),PAINITE + CRYSTAL painite Burma,SPINEL + CRYSTAL Spinel Burma,2.1" Raspberry Pink MUSHROOM TOURMALINE Sharp Trigonal Crystals Burma for sale ,43.78 Cts Natural Mogoke Ruby Crystal in Calcite From Burma #MYC0112,7 gemmy gem Sapphire Crystals Dattaw Mine Burma Color Shift 3.45cts Purple Pink,16.29 Cts Natural Mogoke Ruby Crystal in Calcite From Burma #MYC0133,Gem multicolor Green Pink Tourmaline crystal mineral specimen Burma CM693664,Double Pink Rubellite Tourmaline Crystals on Orthoclase from Myanmar (Burma),4.27 Cts Rarest Top Quality Transparent Jeremejevite Crystal from Burma,192.45 Carats Natural Amber Rough From Burma,479CT NATURAL BLUE SAPPHIRE ROUGH RAW GEMSTONE LOOSE LOT UNTREATED MINERAL BURMA,3.4" Gemmy MagentaRed MUSHROOM TOURMALINE Crystal Group on Matrix Burma for sale,ROUGH RAW - NATURAL BLUE SAPPHIRE BURMA GEMSTONES WT-5CT-10CT/PCS,72 rare gemmy red Spinel Crystals Octo Macle Mogok Burma 45ct parcel Reddish,Stunning blue Hemimorphite crystal bubble mineral specimen Burma CM454001,Vibrant Red Octahedral Spinel Crystal in Matrix, Man Sin Mine, Myanmar (Burma),SPINEL CRYSTAL FROM BURMA 270g #OTHER911,

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