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Samsung Z400: Slide up for style...

Belonging to the elite league of 3G enabled handsets, theSamsung Z400is a ultra cool handset, which surely elevates your overall mobile experience. TheSamsung Z400supports the popular UMTS and EDGE technologies, which enable you to enjoy all the premium features available in the latest handsets. All you got to do is to slide open this exquisite gizmo to open up the world of infinite possibilities. TheSamsung Z400is only available in two colours either in silver and black, which surely leaves you asking for more. Well, when it comes to style, theSamsung Z400duly stays at par with various iconic handsets, and surely it has it all to be the perfect pal of fashion conscious generation.

With weight only 107g , you would not find it difficult to carry yourSamsung Z400. On the other hand, it comes with compact dimensions of 96.7 x 47.8 x 18.8 mm. Moreover, it is well endowed with an user-friendly keyboard, which gives you swift access to all the major functions, as you can easily move on to make the most with the leading 3G features. Following the footsteps of its predecessor Samsung D400, but theSamsung Z400is way ahead with all its unique features.

TheSamsung Z400keeps you connected across the five continents, as it supports the tri-band technology. Besides, there are other assisting features with EDGE, Bluetooth, GPRS and WAP. The hugely popular 3G technology assures high speed data access in a real quick time to provide you all the desired content as swiftly as possible. Besides, you can also browse the Internet, send and receive emails like you do with a broadband connection – all in your very ownSamsung Z400. There are other assisting tools including Word, Excel, HTML, PPT and PDF, which allows you to access and read various different documents, the way you always want. As such, theSamsung Z400is loaded with 30MB of inbuilt memory, but you can easily increase it by using a MicroSD memory card. Elevate your mobile experience with the Samsung Z400 and make the most with the latest features.Ben Bradley is webmaster of
Mobile Phones.
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Samsung Z400, please visit http://www.orangemobileshop.co.uk.

Article Source: http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/51949.html

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