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Cullen Family Crest Necklace Twilight
Cullen Family Crest Necklace Twilight


Edward Cullen Ecipse Doll - The First Vampire By Mattel

Who doesn’t like Edward Cullen – with his dashing look and sparkling skin, who can indeed resist him? Edward Cullen is every girl’s fantasy. He is also an ideal boyfriend because he can sweep you off your feet, right? But if given the chance, would you toy with Edward Cullen?

Before you get the wrong impression, this article is just to inform you that there is now an Edward Cullen Eclipse doll made by Mattel and The Tonner Doll Company! Yes, you can now bring Edward Cullen home – after you see him in Eclipse the Movie that is. The Edward Cullen eclipse doll is a one in a million memorabilia given the fact that it comes only in limited quantity. So this Edward Cullen Eclipse doll is a collector’s item – if you are a collector yourself, then you better invest in this doll sculpted and designed by a world renowned artist Robert Tonner. This Edward Cullen Eclipse doll is a fantastic collection and it is indeed created in the likeness of the real actor, Robert Pattinson who played Edward Cullen in all the Twilight movies.

There have been three twilight movies so far and the Tonner Doll Company made three versions of Edward Cullen toy as well. In the first movie, Twilight, the Edward Cullen doll is dressed like he is going to school; In the second movie New Moon, Edward Cullen is dressed as if he is going to a prom; and finally in the Eclipse movie, Edward Cullen is made even more handsome and dashing.

Edward Cullen dolls are made and sculpted with a vinyl of the finest quality and the features of them are hand-painted. These Edward Cullen eclipse dolls come in 17 inch height and they are truly a treasure to have!

Mattel’s version of Edward Cullen comes in 11 ½ inch only but it also comes in a fine packaging. Edward Cullen is an immortal; he is a powerful vampire and these characteristics are truly reflected in the dolls. Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight made sure that she was part of the art-directing of the said dolls because she only wants the best for her readers and avid fans.

Mattel will launch its Edward Cullen and Bella Swan doll on the 1st of November this year. It will be launched 19 days earlier than the Eclipse movie – what a perfect time for you to buy these dolls, twilight freak!

Edward Cullen Eclipse Doll
s are exceptionally made because they almost seem real and yes, almost life-like. The
Twilight Dolls
are flexible so you can put them in different poses. What is even better about these dolls is the fact that they can add more value to your toy collection. If you give it five to ten more years, its value will surely appreciate. Buy your Edward Cullen doll now - you wouldn’t be able to resist him wearing a white buttoned shirt and black pants. Yes, he wears his black tailored coat too – he is so adorable, right?

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